Getting Started

The TEL Library offers online, self-paced courses that you can take for personal growth or for college credit.  In addition to our courses, our Reference Library provides hundreds of lessons designed to foster active, lifelong learning.  We provide them lifetime access to both free and purchased content.

Before you start your first TEL Library course, you should complete the following.

Create a TEL Library account (if you don’t already have one).

  1. Register for an account at TEL Library Courses
  2. Activate your account via the email link from the TEL Library.
  3. Complete your profile on the My Profile page by clicking the Edit Tab, including information about your parent or guardian if appropriate.

If you are a parent/guardian with multiple students who will take courses, each student must have his or her own unique email and login to the TEL Library.  Parent or guardian information for each student can be added on the My Profile page.

Select your courses.

Determine which courses are right for you since most TEL Library courses are offered via 2 different methods.

  • College Credit Courses:  These courses are traditional graded courses that can be transferred for college credit.  Students will earn a grade that will be on their official TEL Library transcript. These courses require that students have a photo ID to complete the mid-term, final and obtain a transcript.
    The grades for most of these courses are based upon the following:

    • Participation and completion of each lesson = 10% of the final grade
    • Graded module quizzes = 15% of the final grade
    • Graded module evidence activities = 25% of the final grade
    • Graded proctored mid-term examination = 25% of the final grade
    • Graded proctored final examination = 25% of the final grade
  • Certificate Courses:  These courses contain all of the same learning content as the College Credit Courses, but do not require the completion of evidence activities, and midterm and final examinations. The outcome for participants is a TEL library Certificate of Completion and publicly sharable Badge.
    To be eligible for full course completion, participants must

    • Complete each lesson, including the Check Your Knowledge activity.
    • Obtain a grade of 80% or higher on the module quizzes.  Each participant is given 3 attempts to reach this grade.

    Participants will not be required to complete or have access to evidence activities, mid-term or final examinations.

Start Learning!

  1. Login to your TEL Library account
  2. Find and purchase courses on our catalog page.
  3. College Credit and Certificate courses are self-paced and you can complete them on your schedule.  We suggest that you follow either the 7 or 14 week schedules included on the Course Documents Tab.

Have more questions?

  • Not sure which course to purchase?
  • Want to adopt one of our textbooks for a course you are teaching?

Check out our Frequently Asked Questions page.